Something to Give Thanks for This Holiday Season

An attitude of gratitude is what keeps the heart, mind and soul going in the face of adversity. Many people would have celebrated Thanksgiving Day four days ago (24 November 2016), and reminisced pleasant recollections that have enriched their lives and nourished their souls. Thanks to the advent of technology, an app on my mobile phone led me to an interesting daily devotional titled ‘Game of Thanks’. The devotional goes on to explain how participants are invited to play a game in which they recount blessings and share them in a group without repeating what others have mentioned so they would not be eliminated from the game.

In the light of recent events and learning to accept outcomes for which I have no control over, my Thanksgiving List is, at best, a short and contrived one. It speaks volumes of the struggles, fears and pain from having to fight tough battles every other day. It is not easy to be thankful when life deals with you cruelly, seemingly taunting you for not quite making the cut. Sadly, there isn’t a sure-fire recipe that teaches us to handle the vicissitudes of life, and many times, we succumb to the pressures and negatives around us.

Despite being aggrieved by a series of unfortunate events in 2016, there is comfort in knowing that I have never walked alone all this while. I may have faced countless times of rejection, disapproval and judgment from those who may not understand what I have gone through, but it does not change the fact that God is good, and I have been well supported.

Thanksgiving twenty-sixteen was one of those days that felt like a perpetual winter. I was trying to take in all of the disappointment, frustration and sadness tied to an outcome I did not want to acknowledge – that I was deemed to be unworthy of all that my heart desired.

Yet, despite being in that moment of despair, I am choosing to be grateful for these little things that remind me there is beauty in fragility and of the value of hope that arises through the fiery trials of everyday life:

  1. The comforting text from a friend who was worried about me while she was enjoying her vacation in my favourite country, Japan

  2. The solid presence of a loving spouse who isn’t afraid of being cut by the broken pieces that define me

  3. The surprising online ‘tribute’ which is a rather delightful description to read, artistically crafted by a treasured friend

  4. The invitation to collaborate on thoughtful musings with two of my favourite people in the world

These little blessings remind me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, complete with both strengths and shortcomings and a bearer of joy, hope and resilience to all who cross paths with me. It is my hope that you, my reader, will appreciate every flicker of hope that ignites in your heart when you count your blessings, like I do, every single day. What about you? What do you give thanks for? Do leave a comment below.

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