One Day in Doha

D is for Dubai. D is also for Doha. A close neighbour of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Doha is the capital of Qatar. Doha’s international airport, Hamad was recently named as the 2016 best airport in the Middle-East and also the best airport in the 30 – 40 million passengers a year category. It is common for people from my part of the world to have a layover somewhere in the Middle-East before they catch a connecting flight to Europe. Speaking of the Middle-East, many travellers will be very familiar with Dubai as one of the major air hub connecting the East to the West. Yet, less than 400 kilometres away, Hamad international airport in Doha is fast becoming the second air hub to the rest of Europe. In fact, Doha is a great alternative to Dubai to connect to the east of coast of the United States of America too.

I happened to be in Doha for a few days in March this year. Hamad International Airport, home to Qatar Airlines, is only half an hour from the city. If you have only twenty-four hours to spare, here are some sights to expect that will surely fascinate you.

That’s Doha city in the distance! Don’t expect to see the monolith sight of Dubai skyscrapers here – Doha is very subdued and for a good reason – the city wants to attract quality visitors, not quantity – so, expect to pay top dollars for everything, including Uber!

First stop has to be the Museum of Islamic Art. Wonderful architecture, perfectly manicured gardens, you could easily spend half a day here!

After lunch, embark on an hour long journey to Al-Wakrah – gateway to the deserts of Qatar. Meet some friendly locals…..

Then, the real fun begins! A luxurious but adventurous 4WD ride “bashing” the sand dunes!

Not long afterwards, you will reach the border of Qattar and Saudi Arabia. Two nations separated by an inland sea!

Continue on to a place where the sky meets the sand and the sea!

Return to Doha after sunset for a leisurely in the colourful night markets or “souk”.

Fancy buying a sword?

What about birds?

Ahhh… entire building full of goldsmiths and jewellers! 

Then it’s time to indulge in some fine Persian food in such mythical and mystical restaurants like this one – looks like a scene out of Aladdin!

End the night on-board a traditional Arabian boat taking in the lights of Doha!

There you go… one day in Doha.

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