Introducing Qantas Dreamy Premium Economy Seats on their Spanking New Dreamliner

If you baulk at the idea of Qantas’ 17-hour non-stop flight from Perth to London in economy class, fret no more. Qantas is introducing their latest state-of-the-art premium economy class on their 787 Dreamliner. 

According to Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, the premium economy class has some “serious WOW factor.” Besides having more personal space, the new ergonomically designed seat was the main product highlight.

Qantas said that in order for a passenger to fully understand it,

“You (will) have to experience how well it supports you when you recline to realise it’s completely different from anything in its class.”

In other words, you have to try it.

The new premium seats features some innovative designs:

Seat pitch: 38 inches (compared to 32 inches in economy) and a seat width of up to 22.8 inches (5.6 inches more than in economy class)

Footrests: You can rest your feet on it, or you can stretch your legs forward and use it to support the backs of your legs, like a leg hammock.The footrest is attached to the back of the seat ahead, rather than the front of your seat

Reclining: When the seat reclines, several parts of the seat shift to support the whole body from head to toe. So when the person in front reclines, no longer does the backrest fall backwards into your face, but the whole seat slides down in a curved motion that is aimed at reducing invasion of your personal space.

Middle seats: The middle seats are 3 inches wider than those along the aisles, now you do not have to worry being squished.

Others: A detachable pillow that actually fits into the headrest, two USB ports and five personal compartments that can stow large items like books and laptops and smaller items like your phone and glasses.

Self-service Bars (think Emirates): The Dreamliners will come with two new self-service bars, one in economy class and one in business.

So there you go, these are just some features of the new premium economy class Qantas will be launching on their first Melbourne to LA non-stop flight come December 2017. To be honest, I can’t wait to try it.

Until then.

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