Obnoxious Passenger Treats Cabin Like Home

What was the worst behaviour you have encountered lately when flying?

For me, I guess I was fortunate because the rudest passenger I ever came across was a guy that sat beside me, leaning towards me and encroaching into my already tiny space. Thankfully, that was a short flight otherwise I would had to see an orthopaedic to straighten my back. 

Flying is a stressful affair. From strict security screenings to enduring several hours in a confined space to meeting people who are just plain – rude. However there are things which we can avoid and prepare, and thus make flying less stressful and more enjoyable.

For instance for me and most people I believe are able to breeze through security checks by ensuring no prohibited items are in their check-in bags while liquid allowances are packed correctly in easy to reach hand carry together with the laptops. Wearing easy-to-remove shoes in case you are being asked to screen them so as not to hold up the queue behind you.


Some people also planned their in-flight ‘activities’ ahead by having a book to read or loading TV shows / movies on their iPad to watch. Then there are others who prefer to snack during the flight and one lady in particular, while flying Ireland to the United States, brought with her some n̶u̶t̶s̶  pistachios.

Lamentably, she treated the cabin like her own living room or in a cinema thinking that no one would notice her. She was wrong. Her deplorable attitude was captured by a fellow passenger and was posted on Reddit.

Her offence? Eating pistachio nuts and tossing the shells on the floor. Correction. Eating pistachio nuts is not an offence but hurling it on the floor? Hell, no!

What was she thinking?

The post generated quite a few comments and most people condemned her shabby act but some of the comments were hilarious.

“I would hit the button for the flight attendant and then point at the girl and loudly say, “Do you have a vacuum? I think she dropped these on the floor”.” – SloppyMeathole

 “But maybe she doesn’t need a vacuum, because she sucks” – Verlier

“Pretty sure she is doing the least she could do. Any less and she would just be randomly throwing them over her shoulder and/or over the seat in front of her.” – TheTacoFairy

This is so wrong at so many levels too,

“I am a flight attendant. yesterday someone dumped a handful of pistachio shells in my bare hand. they were kinda wet. I’m not sure which is worse.” – emilyjobot

When the question of “why they think that something like this is okay”

“Usually it’s “there are people paid to clean up the plane. If everybody did their job, they would be laid off, so I’m basically doing them a favor.” or something like that.” – JarasM

These inconsiderate people are the reason why flying can be an ‘additional’ pain in the ass because they live in their own ecosystem not giving a care on how their behaviour are inconveniencing the others around them – or in this case, those sitting around her.

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