I think I can never ever call myself a seasoned traveller because according to Murphy’s law, no matter how prepared I was, there will always be something that I forget or regret to bring. 

As I was on my way to Singapore last month, I wished I had a crystal ball to look into who will be seating next to me. Because oh geez, some passengers can be really annoying. It was a day flight and I picked an aisle seat in the middle row (my preferred choice usually in economy class). Windows shade were down (logically) so as to prevent the glare from the sun shining through the cabin.

Unfortunately, there was this middle-aged lady seated at the window seat to my left who for god-knows-why, was lifting the window shade up and down throughout the flight. That inconsiderate behaviour makes me hardly able to sleep or watch tv because of the glare from the sun shining through the corner of left eye.

There and then I realised how I wished I had an eye shade. Fortunately, I was on a full-serviced carrier so I asked the flight attendant whether she could get me an eye shade. Then I napped and I woke up with a tear on my lips. My lips were as dry as the Sahara desert and I needed a lip balm.

In retrospect, here is a list of 5 most overlooked (small) items, though not necessary, but will make any travelling nomad to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Eye Mask

That glare – is annoying when you are trying to sleep. If you are seated along the aisle, anyone walking pass can cause disturbance too. Not only that, it is more hygienic to cover your face with your own eye mask than say the hotel or airline pillow.


Lip Balm

Ouch… that annoying cracked lips. Air is very dry at 30 000 feet. Guys are more susceptible to dry lips since we don’t wear lipstick.


Ear Plugs

This is important because noise. Sometimes an air-conditioning compressor could just be located next to the window outside your hotel room. That annoying ticking sound… might drive some of you crazy.


Fresh Socks

I walk a lot when I travel and my socks stink.


TSA-approved scissors

This is taboo. Yes. Ask yourself how many times you need one? Me? Many. Pack one small one and check it in together with your toiletries bag. That said, if your small manicure scissors have blades less than 6cm long, you are fine to carry it with you – but I would prefer to check it in.