Malaysia Airlines
After nearly a three-year absent, Malaysia Airlines will once again resume the Brisbane-Kuala Lumpur route in June this year. Malaysia Airlines suspended the Queensland route in August 2015. Queensland’s Attracting Aviation Investment Fund, comprising Brisbane Airport, the Queensland Government and Tourism Queensland, has successfully convinced Malaysia Airlines to reinstate their service in Brisbane. Summary Malaysia airlines is resuming services to Brisbane...
These passports will let you travel the world without needing a visa (ever).
The 2018 Henley Passport Index , which is based on the number of countries a passport can enter without needing a visa, has ranked those holding a German passport as having the most powerful in the world.    According to Henley's website, a German passport holder is able to gain visa-free entry to 177 countries from 176 last year. The Singapore passport...
Las Vegas Airport
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... I am back (again)!  I have to apologise again for keeping so quiet on my blog for so many weeks. I had a busy November and December - especially so in 2017 - because my it was my birthday in November, my brother got married in December and I went to the United States...
Barely two months after Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens its doors for operations, construction for the Changi Airport Terminal 5 is underway - slated for 2030. Singapore Changi Airport has begun building what is going to be known as the Terminal 5. By 2030, the 5 terminals are expected to handle up to 150 million passengers compared to the...
First there was Lexus, now there is Emirates. I have a hunch that they used the same creative team. Either way, its clever. ... I realise I am so not looking forward to this plane ride. A seductive notion occurs. I was going to write on the plane but I'am ahead on all my work. What's it to Miami? Seven...
Staff from the Chinese embassy were seen at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 handling out a 'book' of Dos and Don'ts in Singapore to Chinese tourists. The book was reported to be nearly 30 pages. It contains a list of dos and don'ts when in Singapore. For instance, a gentle reminder to pay for things in cash since many Chinese...
Singapore Changi
Singapore Changi Airport, the indisputable best airport airport in the world has lost 286 bags. A baggage handler working at Changi Airport was caught removing baggage tag(s) and replacing it with a tag from another bag. How did that happen? Apparently, an alleged baggage handler, Mr Tay Boon Kwee, was caught swopping baggage tags at Changi Airport from November last year...
MAS First Class
Malaysia Airlines' First Class is only available on their Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - London (LHR) route. It is about to get more e(xc)lusive because MAS is reducing the number of first class seats from eight to four. Malaysia Airlines flies twice daily to London on their A380. It departs Kuala Lumpur at 09.50am and arrives in London at 04.35pm. The...
If there is an award for the most devalued frequent flyer programme, I reckon Malaysia Airlines would win it in a heartbeat! Many airlines' have made it 'more expensive' to redeem award travel but I have not come across one that has almost doubled the points required for every award seat. Malaysia Airlines used to have a very generous programme...
Qantas announced today that they will be reintroducing the Kangaroo-route to London via Singapore instead of Dubai come March 2018 after "divorcing" British Airways after ditching Singapore 5 years ago. Just so happened that I was flying back to Melbourne from Singapore and chatted with the lady that checked me in regarding this new arrangement. She mentioned to me that...




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