Review: Lerderderg State Park – Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

The Lerderderg State Park is only about an hour drive from Melbourne, CBD. If you are in search of a respite from a hot day and do not want to travel too far, this might be the ideal place you are looking for.

We arrived at our destination at about 11am on a Sunday. The temperature was rising slowly as the sun slowly heats up Melbourne. There were not many cars and the crowds were few at that hour when we arrive. However at about 1pm (the time we left), the carpark was full and families carrying huge picnic baskets were streaming in in numbers. If you intend to have a picnic, you might want to arrive early.

The carpark is just next to the park, which is good because you do not have to walk too far if you left something in your car. Hiking in the Lerderderg State Park is relatively easy. Wide (and occasional) dirt tracks and gently slopes make walking easy. You might have to cross a couple of rivers and it is quite fun hopping over those stones. Just be careful since the rocks can be slippery and you do not want to fall over and earn some scars...

Right next to the carpark is the main picnic area. 

Expecting something more challenging? What about a 1.6km hike?

Hop over the rocks and you will be on your way to taste the sweet sweet chilly waters of Grahams Gorge.

Along the way you find some ‘mini’ obstacles and a huge boulder that looks like an entry to a cave…

The highlight of the Lerderderg State Park should be the Grahams Dam. It is less than a 2km walk (hike) from the carpark. Crowds are fewer here so you get a little more privacy.

The path on the right leads to the ‘main’ Grahams Dam’s open area. There’s another dirt track on the right that leads right down to the gorge but don’t bother because there was no space for a picnic. 

 The directional signs can be a little confusing here.

The upstream picture and the open area on the right. There you can picnic and ‘run’ – don’t – around.  You have to hop over those rocks again. Unfortunately, I was busy feasting on the fresh air, water and greeneries around me and I forgot to take more pictures there! 

So there you go, if you have a day to spare in Melbourne, go to the supermarket, fill it all up with your picnic snacks and head to the Lerderderg State Park at Bacchus Marsh. The air is fresh and the waters are cold and pristine. Have a wonderful day out!

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