5 Reasons Why I will Stay at an Airbnb Again

I just came back from Bangkok and this was my first time staying at an Airbnb property. There were six of us and we booked a three-bedroom apartment (whole apartment all to ourselves) that has 24/7 (round the clock) security, a gym, swimming pool and a basketball court. Our apartment, Glow Trinity Complex, is located in Silom – 2 minutes away from BTS Chong Nonsi. We picked this location because we love the bustling night-life in and around Silom.

1. Costs

Hotels in Bangkok are generally less pricey when compared to other metropolitan cities in Asia. Yet, our comfortable apartment still costs much lesser than a decent three-star hotel in Bangkok! Our Airbnb does not provide daily breakfast and/or housekeeping. So that keeps costs even lower. Towels, toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo and body soap were provided, but I would suggest that you bring your own shampoo.

2. Location

A good hotel in a good location will cost a bomb. However, the chances that you can find an Airbnb that also offers unparalleled convenience in terms of public transport are very high. We got one that is just two minutes from the train station. On top of that, the apartment was nestled quietly in the heart of Silom. It was like a “so near (to all bustling activities) yet so far (to all the noise)” kind of environment.

3. Reviews / Validate sources

Prior to booking your first Airbnb apartment, you can read the reviews of all those who have stayed at the place before you, much like researching on a hotel on TripAdvisor It is like standing on the shoulders of giants, so you can manage your expectations and have a general idea of what to expect when you arrive. Remember – an airbnb property is not a hotel so please don’t expect a cookie-cutter experience!

4. Space – Family friendly

Well, because we booked an entire apartment and this apartment came with a fully equipped kitchen, a maid’s room with a baby cot, living room with a huge dining table and sofa, a master bedroom with ensuite and 2 common rooms! My point is if you were travelling with your parents-in-law and children in tow, an Airbnb apartment is probably a better bet (in terms of cost) when compared to an apartment-hotel or multiple rooms in a hotel.

5. Culture

Live like the locals. This is your best bet to meet the locals, mingle with them and observe their way of life. There is an office block next to our apartment building. During lunch hour, we could see the locals gather at the nearby food court for lunch. We followed them and had a good look at their ‘diet’. We had our lunch there too and I ordered a bowl of pork noodle that costs 40baht (A$1.50)! Unfortunately, I wasn’t particularly excited about that bowl of noodles but then again, it could be that my palate has gotten used to food that had been adjusted to suit the taste of ‘tourists’.

There you go, 5 solid reasons and will I stay in an Airbnb again? Make that a resounding – yes!

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