Do you have what it takes to join some of the world's most reputable airlines? Do you want to become a cabin crew? Watch these videos. It might help during your cabin crew interview. When we speak of Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines or Qantas, what comes to your mind? These are respectable mega-airlines winning several awards almost every year. So if you...
Air Vistara
Good news for ladies travelling alone on Air Vistara because you will not be assigned the middle seat. Air Vistara, based in New Delhi, promises women who are travelling alone a preferential choice of either the aisle or a window seat. In conjunction with the free Woman Flyer service the airline launched in March, ladies can also get assistance with...
Singapore Airlines to Serve Local Meals Similar to Jetstar and AirAsia
Singapore Airlines on Tuesday (27 June) announced that they will start serving local dishes such as chicken rice and nasi lemak come July.   Chicken rice and nasi lemak (coconut rice dish) will soon be available on Singapore Airlines next month. Both dishes are popular local dishes enjoyed by Singaporeans. The "popular local fare" dishes are part of SIA's 70th anniversary...
Mistakes Airport Security Checks Painful
There are ways to make travelling less stressful and to get you quickly and painlessly to the other side. I am talking about airport security checks.  Travelling can be straining mentally/emotionally and especially so if you are rushing to catch a flight. Many of us make these mistakes. Even frequent travellers sometimes overlook them. These are the common mistakes we fail...
Norwegian Airlines are starting their low-cost flight between London and Singapore this September, you need to be a little more thoughtful on how to beat that 6,765 miles (10,887 km) of boredom. Yes, you might have loaded that I-always-wanted-to-watch-but-never-had-the-time show(s) into your tablet, but here are some tips, how to make your 13-hour journey less miserable or rather, more bearable. Paying...
You might want to watch what you are eating when travelling as it might cause you to put on extra calories unknowingly. The book, Gastrophysics: The New Science Of Eating, says that we are more tempted to eat while in the air than when we are on the ground. The author also cites a research done on an average Briton...
The new Perth-London route on the 787-9s originates in Melbourne. QF9/10 currently operated by the A380s between Melbourne-Dubai-London will be replaced by the B787s on Melbourne-Perth-London where services begin on 24 March 2018. Melbourne to London via Perth will save you an hour than going through Dubai because of the shorter transit in Perth. Qantas 787-9s will have 42...
  I just came back from Devonport sailing and experiencing the 9-hour Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne. Being able to bring my car to Tasmania meant that I could save some money for me and my companions. However, depending on the dates you choose to sail, prices can differ and it might end up cheaper to fly into Hobart or Launceston. Since...
I just applied for a NAB Rewards Platinum credit card two weeks ago. They had a special offer going on last month where you can earn 80,000 NAB REWARDS BONUS POINTS after spending $2500 within the first 90 days of account opening. Before you start talking to me about annual fee, the card also comes with a $0 annual fee for the...
​ ​1. TSA Padlock Travelling to, from or within North America or Canada requires you to have a TSA-friendly padlock. In the event that an airport security officer wants to open your bag for inspection, he would not have to yank your lock off which will probably result in you thinking that you bag has been tempered with. 2. Cling Wrap I know it is...




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