5 Reasons Why You Eat More When Flying

You might want to watch what you are eating when travelling as it might cause you to put on extra calories unknowingly.

The book, Gastrophysics: The New Science Of Eating, says that we are more tempted to eat while in the air than when we are on the ground. The author also cites a research done on an average Briton eating nearly two times the recommended amount of food when they travel. But wait, does most people know how much calories they should consume in one day or we go by the general rule of thumb – breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Anyway, according to author Professor Charles Spence, it boils down to 5 reason why airline food can be bad for us.

  1. Sugar

Lower cabin air pressure, dry cabin air and the loud engine noise are to be blamed for altering our taste buds. Hence, more sugar (about 15-20%) are added to ‘improve’ the taste like we were having it on the ground.


2. Nothing to Do

Laptops are banned, the latest movies showing on the in-flight entertainment are all caught up, there’s nothing much to do and there’s a need to munch. Legit. It’s ‘free’ anyway unless you are on a low-cost carrier.


3. Free-flow Alcohol Beverages

You had a couple of alcoholic drink and you still feel thirsty. Alcohol is diuretic and the dryness in the cabin makes us dehydrated. Let’s order another juice or a soft drink, ANOTHER few hundred calories.


4. Freshness

In-flight meals are prepared 12-72 hours ahead of departure. The freshness is debatable.

Gordon Ramsay on plane food: ‘There’s no f—— way I eat on planes’


5. Asian Airlines

There’s nothing wrong with Asian Airlines except that their food and service are so impressively, amazingly, wonderful that makes us want to have MORE!


Bon Appetit!

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