5 Things to Survive the World Longest Budget Flight and FREE

Norwegian Airlines are starting their low-cost flight between London and Singapore this September, you need to be a little more thoughtful on how to beat that 6,765 miles (10,887 km) of boredom. Yes, you might have loaded that I-always-wanted-to-watch-but-never-had-the-time show(s) into your tablet, but here are some tips, how to make your 13-hour journey less miserable or rather, more bearable.

Paying for and choosing a seat is the most straightforward way of making yourself comfortable and not stuck in the middle seat. However, if paying for a seat is not your cup of tea, then the following 5 (free) tips might make up for it.


1. An empty water-bottle

Liquids more than 100ml are banned from your carry-on and why am I still encouraging you to bring an empty water bottle? The reason is simple. Usually, once you get passed immigration and security checks, most airports will have a drinking fountain located somewhere near the toilet. Fill up your empty bottle there and you will never thirst again ( at least for the next thousand miles or so).


2. A soft cardigan with a hood and an eyeshade

Something to keep you and your ears warm. I find the hood actually gives you a sense of security and the eyeshade is to keep those spotlights out when your neighbours decide to do some reading in the middle of the night.


3. Wet tissues

Wet tissues are so important to keep yourself clean and fresh in-flight. You sleep a lot better when you give yourself a good wipe-down on your face, neck and underarms. I call it the dry shower. Don’t forget to wipe your feet too. I cannot explain it but the therapeutic effect is amazing! Try it and you will get what I mean.


4. Moisturiser and Lip balm

The air in the cabin is very (very) dry. According to WHO, cabin air humidity is usually less than 20%. At home and depending on where we live, humidity is more than 30%. We need to feed our face and our lips especially those who are prone to chap lips. Not being able to taste delicious local food is not fun at all.


5. Pillow

No budget carriers offer pillow and blankets for free. Period. But don’t go start packing the pillow on your bed. Buy a good quality cotton(stuffed) travel pillow. Those that you can wrap around your neck are good. I used those air travel pillow before and they are horrible.

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