Behavioural Advice given out to Chinese at Singapore Changi Airport

Staff from the Chinese embassy were seen at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 handling out a ‘book’ of Dos and Don’ts in Singapore to Chinese tourists.

Dos and Don’ts Chinese Pamphlet Source: South China Morning Post

The book was reported to be nearly 30 pages. It contains a list of dos and don’ts when in Singapore. For instance, a gentle reminder to pay for things in cash since many Chinese have become used to paying for a variety of thing using their mobile phones.

China’s National Day holiday which spans a week long, also known as the ‘golden week’, begins on 1st October and a large number of tourists are expected to visit Singapore. According to sources from the embassy, the book was designed to help Chinese tourists improve their image, behaviour and personal safety.

The free book points out that airline property such as life jackets and blankets “are not allowed to be taken off the plane”.

Passengers are also reminded that any behaviour threatening flight safety could result in legal action.

The pamphlet also covers general behaviour in public areas like, taking durian on a bus or train is “unofficially prohibited”, it cautions. The tropical fruit is known for its pungent smell that can be offensive to those who do not like it.


those taking in a show at the theatre. “Do not whistle or hoot if there is a mistake made on stage,” the pamphlet says.


Jaywalkers can be heavily fined or even jailed for up to three months.

Queuing is also an issue, with tourists told not to cut in line at places such as shop counters or toilets.

There is a point which I find it puzzling, Singapore is not a country where tipping is mandatory like the United States. However, the book advises them to tip the hotel porter when he carries the bags to their room.

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