I Was Lazying at Santorini

I was away and I had been really lazy. If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you would realize that I was in Santorini, Greece!


Santorini Airport
Santorini Airport

How did I get there? Well, it’s really not that difficult from Melbourne. It was just a bit – maybe a little more – convoluted. It was not entirely unpleasant but it will save you heaps of money. The catch here is: you must have time to spare.

So here is my journey of (more than) a thousand miles…

The flight path

Melbourne > Singapore > Athens > Santorini > Athens > Singapore > Melbourne

Melbourne – Singapore > Singapore Airlines

Singapore – Athens > Scoot (Upgraded to Scoot in Silence)

Scoot meal

Athens – Santorini > Olympic Air and Ryanair (return)

Olympic Air


I know you must be saying that am I crazy?! Well… you know… I cannot tell you exactly how much I paid for these flights because the fares change every season. However, it was pretty cheap and reasonable when I got them. Anyway, Santorini from late October to early November are considered the low season. Hence, fares and accomodation are relatively cheaper.

I love Santorini and I want to go again soon.

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