The Emirates New First Class according to Jeremy Clarkson

First there was Lexus, now there is Emirates. I have a hunch that they used the same creative team. Either way, its clever.

… I realise I am so not looking forward to this plane ride. A seductive notion occurs. I was going to write on the plane but I’am ahead on all my work. What’s it to Miami? Seven hours in a conventional automobile? But the LC 500 is no conventional automobile.

Before I show you the new Emirates First class, this is the new Lexus LC 500.

When Lexus launched their LC 500 coupe this year, they asked the world’s best selling author, James Patterson, to write a review. His review on the car was so enrapture that it almost made me want to sell my family home so as to get my hands on that machine. The thing is that Lexus thinks that the LC 500 was such a spectacular car and hence, they need an equally outstanding author to match it – thus putting down in writing.


Anyhow, this is the new Emirates First class eloquently introduced by the best car mouth in the motor industry – Jeremy Clarkson.

The other thing is regarding the quote above, extracted from the last paragraph in his review, where the plane ride – is maybe just another plane ride to him – and the new Lexus is going to take a whole new 7-hour meaning. I am not sure whether the same creative advertising agency were employed to introduce the new Emirates First class inspired by Mercedes Benz. Read: Lexus – book author, Emirates – car presenter. See the link?

The first time I took Emirates First class was between Brisbane and Singapore on the B777 5 years ago. It also had that mechanical door and equally impressive seat and trimmings. However the new First class (judging from the video) looks more stunning! Since it is inspired by MB and introduced by JC, it can’t go wrong and I can’t wait to try it.

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