5 Easy Ways To Secure Your Luggage

​1. TSA Padlock

Travelling to, from or within North America or Canada requires you to have a TSA-friendly padlock. In the event that an airport security officer wants to open your bag for inspection, he would not have to yank your lock off which will probably result in you thinking that you bag has been tempered with.

2. Cling Wrap

I know it is unsightly, especially if everyone was looking at you at the airport thinking that you were hiding gold bars in your luggage. Yet, if you were travelling in countries with a high rate of bag thefts, then you would not find this way of securing your beloved belongings a joke anymore. 

3. Luggage Protectors

Luggage protectors are a much prettier alternative when compared to cling wraps. It is like a raincoat, so it also protects your bag from rain or snow if your bag were left on the tarmac. 


4. Cable Tie

The cheapest and perhaps the easiest way to secure your bag. However, you might not be able to carry a pair of scissors with you on your carry-on bag but you can certainly cut it open with a nail clipper.



5. Luggage Straps

Luggage straps are easy to work with. It also prevents thieves from using a ballpoint pen to unzip your bags since it is held together tightly. Anchor your bag tight with the luggage straps and it will be more difficult to thieves to undo them. Some straps come with a number lock.

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