5 Mistakes that will make Airport Security Checks Painful

There are ways to make travelling less stressful and to get you quickly and painlessly to the other side. I am talking about airport security checks. 

Travelling can be straining mentally/emotionally and especially so if you are rushing to catch a flight. Many of us make these mistakes. Even frequent travellers sometimes overlook them. These are the common mistakes we fail to check and often make when we travel. Maybe the next time we travel, it is good to prepare early and look through this list to see if we can avoid some unnecessary delay before boarding.


1. Stashing liquids at the bottom of the bag

100 millilitres (ml) is the magic number. Anything more than that, you will not be allowed to hand-carry onboard. Liquids are very ‘sensitive’ items when passing through the X-ray machine. So be sure to keep all your fluid in a transparent ziplock bag at the top of your handbags. This way, it is easier for you to retrieve in case of checks.


2. Wearing boots with shoelaces that reaches your knees

Not every airport security checks require you to remove your shoes. But, some do. If you do have to wear boots, do remove your shoelaces beforehand so as not to hold up the queue behind you.


3. Taking every electronic gadgets in your bags out

I travel with my laptop almost everywhere. I keep my laptop handy and within easy reach. Laptops have to be out of your bag when you pass through security checks. Usually I prepare them when I am in the queue. Electronic gadgets smaller than the size of your laptop are usually not required to be taken out of your bag or their carry cases. Also, empty your pockets and keep your mobile phones and all other small electronic devices in your carry-on bag.


4. Don’t joke…

about bombs, weapons, explosives. This is national security. Saying something silly and then land yourself in trouble is not funny. You need to get over to the other side quickly. Even if you have something to say about their efficiency or work ethics, keep your comments to yourself and smile. Unless there is a serious breach of security and it concerns the safety of all the people, please do not maintain your silence.


5. Observe those in front of you

Very often, while queuing for checks, I will be busy on my phone browsing Facebook. I think it is very important to observe how security checks are done. If the person in front of you is removing his jacket, belt, watch and shoes (see point 2), there’s a good chance that you will be required to do the same. So remove them all and be prepared to place them on the conveyor belt as soon as you get there. This will ensure that you get to the other side of the airport as fast as possible.


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