VisaDB lets you find all the countries you can visit without needing a visa based on your citizenship.

Have money visa-free will travel? You want to travel and you don’t want to spend unnecessary money on a visa or submit an application and wait a few days for a visa to approve BECAUSE you need a holiday RIGHT NOW?!

Welcome to VisaDB. This site allows you to search for all the countries you can visit without the need for a visa based on the passport you carry. It spells out the length of your stay, whether you need a visa on arrival as well as the costs of living between your destinations and your own country.

VisaDB is currently in the testing phase and I believe the database is manually put together from various sources. However, it is imperative that you check with the official embassies’ websites to confirm whether or not you need a visa. Nevertheless, if you have no idea where to go during the holidays, this website is an excellent tool to have as part of your budget calculator.

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