Is Travel Becoming Too Automated?

Qantas has recently started trialing its automated travel experience at Brisbane, Sydney and Los Angeles Airports. Passengers who opt for this will be able to keep their passport in their pockets for the entire time they are at the airport, after checking-in, of course. They will be recognised throughout the terminal through eye scanners so one does not have to present their passport and boarding pass at security and at the boarding gate.

Qantas Staff
Qantas Staff

Changi Terminal 4 is known as the high-tech terminal. Air New Zealand has introduced robots to facilitate check-in at some airports. Self service kiosks are ubiquitous at airport terminals worldwide, as staff are cut and passengers are expected to do more on their own.

Automated Robot

Some airlines have even gone as far as shutting down their frequent flyer team and only allowing transactions to be made via the computer. That of course, I am referring to Qatar Privilege Club, which even elite members have no access to a human to speak to when it comes to redeeming their hard earned points!

Qantas Staff
Qantas Staff

Whilst I strongly believe in the role of technology, I still crave the human touch whenever I fly. I do fly a lot and as much as I hate long lines, I don’t want to have to do everything on my own nor do I want to keep pressing buttons. I crave for a warm smile. Thanks for listening to my rant!




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